Cases and dinner


The cases this year will be given by CAPE groep, Demcon, BDO, YER and Bos en Witteveen. Making cases gives you an inside in the problems companies have. During the cases you get the chance to apply the knowledge you gained during your study to a real-life situation. Furthermore, the cases give you information about the company, what they do and how they work. We hope to see you all during on of the cases!


Digital Transformation Trailer Tracking Process

CAPE Groep delivers 100% fit solutions for our customers who mainly operate in logistics, supply chain and construction. We examine process optimization, think out solutions and build these solutions. We achieve this with:
 Business consultants with a study background like BA, TBK, IEM, BIT and EIS.
 The agile scrum methodology
 Model-driven development platforms: Mendix and eMagiz
 Innovative thinking; IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning etc.

The business case:
One of our customers has more than 100 trailers parked at different locations. When
someone needs to use one of these trailers it costs a lot of time to find the trailer or to
determine where to park the trailer.

During our workshop, you will experience and learn;
 To identify business problems
 How to optimize business processes
 To think in terms of solutions
 How to create a solutions design
 To determine the Minimum Viable Product
 To know CAPE Groep

This way, with our coaching and guidelines we hope to provide you with an impression of being a business consultant. Also, the two participants who do the best, will win two tickets for  Dauwpop. 


DEMCON is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with as focus areas high-tech, industrial & vision, embedded, optomechatronic and medical systems.

DEMCON is a fast-growing company that supports clients with a wide range of competencies. As a system supplier, DEMCON can cover all the needs of the customer, from proof-of-principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production. The company developed within 25 years
into the DEMCON Group (with more than 450 employees in 2018).

The head office is located in Enschede and there are branches in Son, Oldenzaal, Groningen, Delft and Münster (D). DEMCON has customers from all over the world, from the Netherlands and Germany to Asia and the US.

Case (If you go to this case, you need to bring your laptop!) (Presentation and documents are Dutch, but het case is open for non-Dutch students)
DEMCON has developed a rheumatic hand scanner to which a disposable device is connected that patients can wear on their hand. This disposable measures different things, which are forwarded to the rheumatic scanner. The scanner analyzes the information to determine whether one patient may have rheumatism. At the moment, the disposable is produced by a supplier. In this (fictional) case you will find out whether DEMCON should start producing the disposable internally.


This case is only for Dutch students.

Case De wereld achter de cijfers

Bij je dagelijkse bezigheden kom je (onbewust) met allerlei bedrijven in aanraking. Houd jij van afwisseling en ben je geïnteresseerd in de wereld áchter de cijfers? Wil jij weten wat het werk van een accountant en IT auditor inhoudt? Ben jij benieuwd naar de ervaringen van een oud-student van de Universiteit Twente? Kom dan naar onze workshop!
We laten je in een interactieve sessie kennismaken met (ethische) dilemma’s in de accountancy, wat een IT auditor allemaal doet naast zijn werk voor de jaarrekening (veel!) en laten je zien hoe belangrijk het is om in ons vak over goede communicatieve vaardigheden te beschikken.



If you go to this case, you need to send your cv to before the 15th of February 12:00 am.

Personal Branding/Application Workshop

During this workshop you will learn …
1 … using your personality and authenticity, so that you attract people and career opportunities that suit you (and your talents and/or services).
2 … apply structure to job interviews.
– … gaining trust and providing clarity in the job interview;
– … understanding the wishes of your job interviewer;
– … arouse interest by showing the added value of yourself (again in line with the personal branding section);
– … getting commitment to a follow-up appointment or the job.

Part 1: Preparation for the application (focused on Personal Branding)
Part 2: The job interview


Case description will follow

Company Dinner

CAPE groep, YER and BDO will also be present during the Company Diner. The other companies will be announced soon. During the company dinner you can get the chance to speak with your possible future employer. During the dinner you will get the chance to speak with all the companies that are present. The dinner is an excellent chance to get to know the companies and to decide for yourself whether the company is interesting for you. We hope to see you at the dining table!