Gerelateerde afbeelding

For this edition of the Stress Congress, we would like to welcome you at the Van Der Valk Hotel in Enschede. The hotel officially opened in 2016, so the building is very modern.
The Van der Valk hotels are run by the huge van der Valk family. They want to make their guests feel welcome with the homely atmosphere, delicious food and drinks and a good night’s rest in a cozy setting.
The lectures and cases will be held in the different rooms of the hotel, the catering will also be done by the Van der Valk hotel.

This picture below shows how you can cycle from the University to Van der Valk.

Zuiderval 140
7543 EZ Enschede
Telephone: 053 800 0800
Website: https://www.vandervalkhotelenschede.nl/